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Spindle tape for ring spinning machine

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Spindle tape

Goldbat spindle tapes are designed for 4-spindle, 8-spindle or multi-spindle drives and have the advantages of antistatic, wear-resistance and energy-saving etc. The splicing is easy and quick. 
Goldbat spindle tapes are suitable for cotton spinning and synthetic fibber, woolen and worsted spinning respectively.


Soft and flexible tape bodies, stable running, no breakage; 
Good performance at high speed, good dimensional stability; 
Less weak-twist yarn, higher yarn quality; 
Permanently antistatic, no fiber sticking; 
Our spindle tapes can be supplied according to customers' special specifications. 

Abstracts from application examples' data: 
Save energy by 5-10% as averagely measured; 
Reduce running noise level of spinning frames by two decibels; 
Normal service life: over 2 years; 
Outstanding improvement of yarn quality; 

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