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Goldbat Group Corporation Limited, professionally manufactures textile machinery parts and trade used textile machinery in North China.

Autoconer spares

Savio Espero M/L, Orion M/L, Savio Polar-M; Murata 7-II, 7-V, 21C; Schlafhorst 138, 238, 338, X5, AC5

Roving Frame Parts

FL16, FL12, FA421, FA423, FA4421, FA4423, FA425, FA426, FA420, FA422, FA487, FA488, FA471, FA401

Open-end rotor spinning
frame parts

Schlafhorst Autocoro SE7-SE12; Rieter R1, R20, R40, Ru11, Ru04, Ru14

Compact spinning reform

Suessen, Toyota

Comber spares

Rieter, HARA, Marzoli, NSC

TFO parts

Murata NO.363 NO.364 NO.373 NO.383

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We are China's outstanding winder parts suppliers, manufacturers and wholesalers.
To provide you with high quality winder parts products, as well as the winder parts price is very competitive.

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