Date: Nov. 20 - Nov. 23, 2019

Venue: Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

19th Vietnam International Textile & Garment Industry Exhibition is the largest garment and textile fabric exhibition in Southeast Asia! 
The exhibition has a history of decades. The last exhibition area of the exhibition is about 80000 square meters. 
There are more than 1400 exhibitors, attracting more than 20000 professional visitors from all over the world. 
According to the report, Vietnam's Deputy Minister of industry and Trade said that the production of raw and auxiliary 
materials in Vietnam can only meet 30% of the production demand of the textile industry, so the trade surplus of the 
industry is difficult to progress. Taking cloth import as an example, Vietnam's garment export and processing industry 
needs 6.8 billion meters of all kinds of cloth every year, with a domestic output value of only 800 million meters, 
and is mainly made of ordinary cloth, most of which are heavily dependent on imports.

Nowadays, Vietnamese shopping malls are full of all kinds of products in China, which is Vietnam's largest trading partner.
Vietnam has 90 million people, ranking the top 10 in the world in terms of economic development speed in recent years. 
In 2011, the total trade volume between China and Vietnam exceeded 40 billion US dollars, of which Vietnam's export to 
China reached 10.8 billion US dollars, accounting for 11.2% of the total export volume, a year-on-year increase of 47.6%. 
In the first half of 2012, the trade volume between China and Vietnam reached US $15.7 billion, an increase of 30.5% year 
on year. With the completion of China ASEAN Free Trade Area on January 1, 2010, China and Vietnam implemented tariff 
reduction in three periods in 2013 and 2015, and finally achieved 93% zero tariff of products in 2015. China is Vietnam's 
largest trading partner.

Calculation data of the last exhibition: the exhibition area of Vietnam trade expo-2016 is 25000 square meters, 
with 760 companies and more than 1000 international standard booths, with foreign companies accounting for 35% and 
Vietnam accounting for 65%. Participating countries: companies from China, South Korea, France, Britain, Czech Republic, 
Switzerland, Russia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, Macao and other 20 countries and regions participated in 
multilateral trade negotiations. There are about 45000 professional business visitors and 60000 public visitors; 
the transaction amount is more than 500 million US dollars. According to this data, it is estimated that the transaction 
volume of 2017 Expo will exceed 600 million US dollars.

Exhibits range:

Textile machinery: spinning machinery, knitting machinery, weaving machinery, packaging and sizing machine, 
                              dyeing machine and equipment, spinning, knitting and embroidery machine, indentation machine, 
                              layered cutting machine, drilling machine, embroidery machine, fastening machine, 
                              finishing equipment and accessories

Sewing machinery: sewing machine, sewing machine drive and control system, sewing machine motor, sewing machine, 
                                sewing machine accessories and parts, garment manufacturing machinery, 
                                ironing and steaming equipment and accessories, grinder, knife and scissors and other cutting equipment,
                                rinsing and washing equipment and accessories

Embroidery machinery: knitting machine, rolling machine, embroidery machine, raw materials, industrial yarn and clothing 
                                      fabrics, synthetic materials, fabrics and fibers, bonding and sewing materials, interlining, embroidery thread,
                                      clothing accessories, dyes and chemicals

Automation system: CAD, CIMS, computer software, planning and control facilities and services.