Date: Feb. 11 - Feb. 14, 2020

Venue: Pavilion, GAO VVC, Estate 119,Mir Prospect,Moscow, 129223 Russia.

Russia international light industry and Textile Fair is an international large-scale textile and Garment Fair led by the Russian government and jointly sponsored by Russia Textile Group, Russia light industry group and its subordinate exhibition companies. This exhibition is the largest and most influential professional textile exhibition in Eastern Europe. Russia international light industry textile exhibition is a member of Russia exhibition alliance, which has passed UFI certification and enjoys a good reputation in the world.

About 2000 enterprises from 27 countries and regions participated in the last Russian light industry and textile exhibition. 
In the past years, the professional visitors of the exhibition came from about 17 countries, and the number of each session 
was about 23000. The total area of each exhibition is more than 40000 square meters.

Today, textillegprom is a representative industry forum: 2500 participants at home and abroad, 60000 square meters. 
M. Exhibition space and over 30000 professional visitors.

High level exhibition organization, extensive participation of enterprises, rich business work plan during the exhibition, organized clothing, shoes, accessories model display, held creative competition, making textillegprom comparable to the leading comments in the fashion industry.

The spring textillegprom is organized by the Russian government, the Russian textile group and the Russian light industry group.
The exhibition is held twice a year. The exhibition is also a very important platform for enterprises to open up the Russian 
market. The last spring textillegprom attracted 2400 exhibitors and merchants The number of people reached 150000, and the 
exhibition was held in pavilions of all Russian Convention and Exhibition Center in Moscow, Russia, covering an area of 
70000 square meters.