Date: Dec. 5 - Dec. 8, 2019

Venue: SMX Convention Center, Manlia, Philippines.

PLIE(Philippine Garment Industry & Fabric Expo) is held by CP exhibition Philippine exhibitions and themeparks Corporation (PETCO). 
The exhibition is held once a year. It is also a very important platform for enterprises to open up the Philippine market. 
PLIE attracted almost 1000 exhibitors and merchants in the last exhibition, and and the number of merchants reached to 
20000 people. The exhibition is held in SMX convention center of SMX Convention Center in Manila, covering an area of 
15000 square meters.

As a member of ASEAN, the Philippines has a domestic market of 104 million people and good export growth potential. 
It is estimated that the GDP growth of the Philippines will exceed 6.4% in 2017. Thanks to a series of preferential trade 
policies and the recovery of major markets such as the United States, Europe and Japan, the Philippines is expected to 
become the country with the fastest economic growth in ASEAN in the next five years. This will provide a good opportunity 
for companies seeking market diversification!

The Philippines is committed to revitalizing the garment industry According to the data of tradeline Philipines, in 2016, 
the import of fabrics and textiles reached 1623886163 US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 30%, and the import of 
clothing machinery and textile machinery increased by 70% and 34%, respectively The Philippines clothing and fabric 
industry will see strong growth.

Scope of exhibits:

Fiber, monofilament and raw materials: cellulose and finished products, man-made fiber, cotton wool, ramie, jute, linen, 
                                                               nylon, polyester fiber, etc.
Fabric: clothing fabric (woven / knitted), functional fabric, civil fabric, industrial fabric, colored fabric, leather, PU, etc.

Accessories: belt buttons, hardware accessories, artificial diamond accessories, ribbon badges, tag buttons, rubber edging, buttons,                             zippers, beads, lace, shoulder pads etc.

Leather industry exhibition areas: leather, synthetic leather, leather and leather product manufacturing machinery, 
                                                      leather product design, computer-aided design tools and software.

Textile machinery and accessories: all kinds of textile machinery and accessories.

Textile machinery tool: fluff cleaning gun