Muratec Automatic Winder

008-602-004 Washer disc boss
008-602-005 Tension disc cushion
008-570-005X Drive gear (ko)
008-570-007 Bush
008-570-020 Bush
008-570-021 Thrust washer
008-570-010 Thrust washer
008-570-014 Cam shaft
008-570-020 DU bush
008-570-026 Bush
008-570-013 Reversing Roll
008-553-029 Roller
008-553-006X Memory patch pin
008-553-017 Patch spring
008-553-016 Ratchet wheel return spring
008-553-004 Memory ratchet wheel
008-540-012 DU bush
008-52A-004 Bushing
008-502-014 DB bush
008-45B-087 DU bush
008-45B-085 DU bush
008-45B-021 Bush
008-45B-062X Splicing blast cam Lever 
008-390-005 Bush
008-390-020 Bush DU 
008-390-025 Bush DU 
008-390-027 Bush DU
008-380-055 DU bush
008-380-040 Bush
008-380-056 DU Bush
008-380-054 DU Bush
008-380-037 Shaft
008-380-032 Drum back com
008-380-026 Drum start com
008-380-024 Memory com
008-380-021 Reversing roll com
008-380-016 DU Bush
008-380-029 DU bush
008-370-020 Pressure spring
008-360-034 Yarn guide
008-330-033X Drum shaft assy.
008-330-028X Brake shoe assy
008-330-040X Drum brush assy.
008-480-005  O Ring
008-480-076  Pocking
008-480-062  Bracket
008-480-026X  Lever
008-553-047 Drum RAP Feeler
008-553-048 Drum feeler pod
008-480-041  Roller
008-458-062X MINGLING CHAMBER conjunction

Hose 21A-370-010
shaft 21A-470-003
roller 21A-480-018
Bracket Magazine 21A-608-028X
Lever Assly 21A-480-012
Magnet 21A-425-006
Shaft 21A-390-010 
Peg Shaft 21A-603-004
Shaft with Key 5x5x39 21A-470-003
Spring 21A-603-011
Spring 21A-390-018
Spring 21A-470-024
Cricket 21A-603-002
spring 21A-603-019
bush 21A-380-004
duct 21A-370-009
Clamp 21A-480-024
Air Cylinder         21A-627-016
3 Nozzle SV Assy 21A-400-016
Untwist SV Assy 21A-400-017
Cleaning Blast Assy 21A-400-019
Motor Drum 21A-E01-001
Spring 21A-470-023 
Spring 21A-630-013
Lever Assy 21A-480-012
Twist SV Assy 21A-400-018
Ejector 21A-603-003
Yarn Finger Plate 21A-617-001
Lever 21A-624-013
NUT 21A-390-037
Gear DU Assy 21A-E01-006
shaft 21A-390-010
Peg Shaft 21A-603-004
Splicer nozzle G2Z  
Splicer nozzle G3Z 
G1Z Ceramic For Nozzle
Coller 21A-480-006
Washer 21A-390-10A
Joint Action 21A-608-053
Cricket Shaft 21A-603-006

SLEEVE 21A-420-001
SRS  36 21A-420-0010
SPRING 21A-420-002
JOINT NIPPLE 21A-420-004
HOSE 21A-420-005
GAS KIT 21A-420-006
NOT 21A-422-002
CRADLE 21A-410-001
LEVER 21A-410-023
DRUM COVER 21A-360-006
DRUM COVER 21A-360-007
PROTECLER 21A-360-008
KNOB 21A-460-002
COVER KNOB 21A-460-003
COVER NUT 21A-460-007
PUSHER CAM 21A-460-005
SPRING 21A-460-008
HOLDER LAMP 21A-460-006
PLATE 21A-608H-0011
HEAD ASSY 21A-608H-002
DISK 21A-608H-001
GUIDE 21A-540-017
SPRING 21A-540-007
SLIDER 21A-540-006
LEVER 21A-540-005
LEVER 21A-540-012
HOSE BAND 21A-370-020
PAD         21A-370-019
MOUTH ASSY 21A-370-013
AIR DAMPER(comp) 21A-440
BRG CENTER(comp) 21A-422
RETIE PIPE(comp) 21A-380
Holder Brg. assy 21A-421-100
Gear(segment) 21A-390-016
Cutter(clamp) assy 21A-480-039
Lever 21A-470-018
Lever 21A-470-019
Bush 21A-470-022
Bush 21A-470-027
Spring 21A-380-015
DB Bush 21A-627-015
Air cylinder 21D-400-001
Clamp 21D-401-005
Cutter 21D-401-006

For the first time in history, Muratec has developed technology of MACH SPLICER for the production of knotless yarn. 
Based on this technology, the Muratec Automatic Winder has become the world's top selling automatic winder(autoconer).
Additionally, Muratec has introduced a wide range of textile machinery products, including the LINK CONER, 
automatic winder which can be directly linked to a spinning frame for high-speed and high-quality production of many types of yarn.
The VORTEX spinning machine, integrate three processes-roving, spinning and winding.
Other developments include labor-saving transport systems and group control systems through our FA technology. 
Muratec also supports the fashion industry by manufacturing comprehensive textile machinery for everything from yarn to fabric.