Intertex Tunisia

Intertex Tunisia

Date: Apr. 2nd - Apr. 4, 2020

Venue: Foire Internationale de Sousse

Intertex Tunisia is held in Tunis once a year by B group, a world famous exhibition company. It is the largest specialized machinery 
exhibition in Tunis and even North Africa.

The last exhibition has become the world's largest clothing machinery exhibition, with an exhibition area of more than 6000 square 
meters, attracting Tunisian and global professionals to attend the meeting. At the exhibition, more than 200 exhibitors showed the 
latest innovations, and 10000 tourists from 20 countries in the world made a lot of shopping. In this successful process, let the 
exhibition become the most important Clothing Machinery Fair in Tunisia.

Intertex Tunisia is held by B group. The exhibition is held once a year. It is also a very important platform for enterprises to 
open the Tunisian market. Intertex Tunisia attracted 200 exhibitors in the last session, and the number of merchants reached 10000. 
The exhibition is held in foire International E De It was held in Sousse, with an exhibition area of 8000 square meters.

Scope of exhibits:

Textile fabrics: cotton, hemp, silk, wool, printed fabrics

Textile machinery and accessories: automatic winding, recording and transmission system, auxiliary equipment; transmission, 
                                   post-processing, packaging equipment and knitting machinery; water spinning machine, 
                                   weaving machine and accessories; winding machine; yarn dyeing machinery

Textile accessories: yarn, zipper, button, label and related accessories.