Date: 19 - 21 March 2020
Venue: Bombay Exhibition Center, Highway, Goreagon (East) - 400 063, India

Gartex is the largest and most complete garment production equipment exhibition in India, providing perfect solutions for garment production process. Since 2001, the scale of Indian garment machinery exhibition has increased significantly compared with the previous one. The exhibition area has reached 65000 square meters. More than 1000 manufacturers from more than 30 countries have participated in the exhibition, including China group, South Korea group, Turkey group, Pakistan group, Sri Lanka group, Bangladesh group and Nepal group.

Finally, the three-day schedule witnessed numerous business meetings, including on-site transactions, taking advantage of unparalleled 
communication opportunities, interacting with industry leaders, getting technology trend updates, updating contacts, finding new partners, etc.

Whether local or international, existing or new companies, gartex provides exhibitors with a valuable display platform, including excellent 
visitors and valuable buyers. In addition to snooping into the future, they meet their customers, conduct effective marketing and display new products.

India Mumbai textile industry exhibition gartex is held by mex group. The exhibition is held once a year. The exhibition is also a very 
important platform for enterprises to open up the Indian market. Last year, India Mumbai textile industry exhibition gartex attracted 1200 
exhibitors and 36000 merchants. The exhibition is held in Bombay Exhibition Center, India Organized by center, the exhibition area reaches 65000 square meters.

Scope of exhibits:

Embroidery categories: embroidery, embroidery painting, ribbon embroidery, computer embroidery, all kinds of clothing embroidery, home textile embroidery, shoes and hats embroidery, decorative embroidery, luggage and leather embroidery, craft embroidery, hand embroidery, ethnic embroidery, etc.

Textile machinery: single head, multi head computer embroidery machine, bead embroidery computer embroidery machine, flying shuttle embroidery machine, computer gold embroidery machine, hand-held embroidery machine, quilting equipment, embroidery machine accessories, laser carving and cutting equipment, embroidery software, printing center; weaving Mark machine, trademark machine, hook edge machine, lace machine, jacquard machine, pattern sewing machine and related auxiliary equipment

Yarn category: all kinds of artificial silk embroidery threads, polyester embroidery threads, gold and silver threads, gold and silver threads, luminous threads, polyester viscose yarns, cotton yarns, nylon filament, acrylic yarn and other chemical fibers, embroidery threads and yarns

Accessories: embroidery thread, water-soluble film, wafer, bead piece, flower shape, lace, weaving Mark and other embroidery materials, accessories, embroidery spray glue, embroidery cloth, flower shape and other embroidery accessories

Clothing machinery series: Automation system, machinery, accessories, CAD / CAM / CIM system, computer test system, boiler,                                                         chemicals and dyes, cutting machine, knife grinding machine, embroidery machine and embroidery thread,                                                 sewing machine, bonding machine, cloth coding machine, finishing equipment, fixing equipment, clothing                                                   accessories, hook, button, buckle, rivet and firmware, lining, washing and ironing equipment, knitwear                                                         equipment  and machinery.