Date: Nov. 20 - Nov. 22, 2019

Address: PTAK WARSAW EXPO, Pruszkow,  Poland

Fast textile is the largest and most professional textile and garment industry exhibition in Central Europe. 
It is held once a year. Poland textile exhibition will attract leaders from neighboring European countries and purchasers 
from all over the world to attend and visit the exhibition. International manufacturers participating in the exhibition 
are from Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Turkey, China, India, Pakistan,
and other countries and regions.

Fast textile is a professional international textile exhibition, including textile machinery, textiles, home textiles, 
surface accessories, yarn, clothing and accessories. Turkish exhibitors have participated in more than 1000 square meters 
for two consecutive years. This year, Pakistan, China, Germany, etc. will participate in the form of national exhibition 

The textile and clothing industry occupies a very important position in Poland. According to statistics of Polish textile 
and clothing association, in 2010, the business volume of Polish textile and clothing reached 10.8 billion euros, 
of which 7.1 billion euros were textiles and 3.7 billion euros were clothing. The export volume was 9.7 billion euros, 
while the import volume was 11.6 billion euros. In 2010, the EU exported 5.6 billion euros of textiles and clothing to 
Poland. Germany is still Poland's largest textile and clothing trading partner, Hugo Boss and Betty of Germany. 
Products of brands such as Barclay occupy a large proportion in the polish sales market.

Poland has a huge demand for textile market. China's import share of textile products in Poland has gradually increased 
from 11.2% in 2004 to 25.11% after ten years. At present, China has become the largest import source country of Polish 
textile and clothing products. There are 46000 enterprises in Polish garment processing industry, 90% of which are private
enterprises. Although Poland's clothing industry is still fragmented, and even the largest producers account for only a few
percent of the market, the industry plays an important role in the whole polish economy and is an opportunity for Chinese 
textile enterprises with a certain scale. According to Statistics Bureau of Poland, the annual growth rate of Polish 
textile and clothing consumption is more than 5%.

Poland has a large demand for surface accessories. First of all, Poland is a strong country in furniture production. 
The productivity of local furniture is high, the labor cost is relatively low, and there are many furniture processing 
agents. Many international furniture brands have factories in Poland, so there is a large demand for facing materials in 
the furniture processing process. Secondly, Poland is currently revitalizing its textile manufacturing industry, 
so there is a huge demand for fabrics. For example, Indian companies have built a huge fabric market in Rhodes area, 
in order to import a large number of textile fabrics from China and India to meet the needs of local garment manufacturing 

Poland is a developed capitalist country with a per capita GDP of nearly 15000 US dollars. In recent years, its position 
in the EU and the international arena has been growing.

Fast textile is held by ptak group and held once a year. It is also a very important platform for enterprises to open up 
the Polish market. Fast textile attracted 500 exhibitors in the last session, and the number of merchants reached 33000. 
The exhibition is held in Ptak International Exhibition Center P, Warsaw. Tak Warsaw Expo, with an exhibition area of 
50000 square meters.