Expo Produccion 2021

Expo Produccion 2021

Date: Nov. 11 - Nov. 17, 2021

Site: World Trade Center, Mexico City.

The 2021 Mexico textile industry exhibition is held by EJK company once every two years. 
This exhibition will be held on November 17, 2021 at the world trade center in Mexico. 
It is expected that the exhibition area will reach 20000 square meters, 
the number of visitors will reach 6000, and the number of exhibitors and brands will reach 550.

IT'S ALL HERE! In line with this purpose, Mexico garment industry procurement exhibition Expo production will
become the only comprehensive textile industry exhibition integrating flour accessories, yarn, home textile, 
clothing, garment machinery and textile machinery in Mexico, providing one-stop procurement services for exhibitors 
and professional visitors. The exhibition will gather domestic and foreign enterprises from equipment manufacturing, 
textile production, garment manufacturing and other links, as well as various textile industry traders. 
They will bring the most cutting-edge technology and products to the exhibition.

Exhibit scope:

Textile machinery: 
automatic winding(autoconer), recording and transmission system; Auxiliary equipment; Washing and Bleaching Machinery; 
Additives, dyes; Round needle machine, needle machine; Fabric processing machinery and accessories; Roving frame, 
rope rubbing and rope making machine; Coating machine, printing machine, combined machine; Double twisting machine, 
crimping machine; Fiber and yarn knitting machine; Flat knitting machine needle and row needle; After treatment machinery; 
Flat bending knitting machine and conveying equipment; Circular flat knitting machine, flower decoration machine; 
Steam engine and heat transfer equipment; Steaming, installation and wetting machinery; Detection and folding machinery; 
Knitting machines and accessories; Net knitting machine for blankets and non-woven fabrics; 
Artificial fiber and silk thread processing machine; Air pressure device, air conditioning device; 
Cotton yarn, wool and wool yarn processing machinery; Spinning frame and accessories; Shedding machine and shedding device; 
Regulating device and experimental equipment; Airing machine and dryer; Binding and binding machine; Conveying, post-processing, 
packaging equipment and knitting machinery; Water spinning machines, knitting machines and accessories; Winding machine; 
Yarn dyeing machinery and instruments; Yarn processing machinery and accessories; 
Automatic operating system, machinery and accessories

Garment machinery: 
sewing machine, embroidery machine; Roller car and flat sewing machine; 
Sewing pretreatment and finishing equipment and system; Industrial and household sewing machinery; 
Garment production control and conveying equipment; Plate printing and plate making system, cutting equipment; 
Sewing machine parts; Special equipment parts, etc; Dry cleaning and ironing equipment

Textile accessories: 
knitting machines, edging machines, embroidery machines, raw materials, industrial yarns and garment fabrics, synthetic materials,
fabrics and fibers, bonding and sewing materials, linings, embroidery threads, garment accessories, dyes and chemicals

Automation system: 
computer aided design, computer integrated manufacturing system, computer software, planning and control facilities and services