Exintex 2020

Exintex 2020
Date: Oct. 13 - 16, 2020


Leading world exhibition of the textile machinery industry organised since 1951,
Founded in 1991, exintex is the most famous and largest textile industry exhibition in Mexico and one of the most important textile 
industry exhibitions in Latin America. In 2016, there were 392 exhibitors and more than 33646 visitors from 26 different countries 
and regions. Groz beckert, samatex, imatex and other international well-known enterprises confirm to attend in 2018.

Target audience: manufacturers, trading companies, wholesalers, retailers, agents, designers, purchasing departments.

Market background:

 The textile and clothing industry is the pillar industry of Mexico's economic development. At present, there are 
about 2800 enterprises in Mexico's textile and clothing industry. Mexico's textile and garment enterprises are mainly concentrated 
in the central and northern regions of Mexico, represented by the textile cities of Puebla and Tlaxcala. Mexico's textile and 
clothing industry has a complete range of products, including all kinds of yarns, fabrics, home textiles, non-woven fabrics and all 
kinds of clothing. Narrow blended fabrics, plain fabrics and knitted fabrics are traditional Mexican textile products. Mexico relies
on imports of textile machinery, mainly from the United States, Germany and other developed countries. Due to the current economic 
situation, the number of new textile machinery imports has decreased significantly, resulting in an increase in the number of textile
machinery parts. Asia's exports to Mexico, such as China, Taiwan and Japan, began to grow. Since the price of equipment imported 
from Asia is lower than that of European countries, Mexican businessmen also began to compare prices. It is a good time for Chinese 
enterprises to enter the Mexican market. Mexico and the United States have already signed the North American Free Trade Agreement 
(NAFTA). According to NAFTA, the United States has cancelled the quota restrictions on the import of textiles and clothing from 
Mexico since January 1, 1994, and has given a series of tariff preferences (the average import tariff of the United States from 
Mexico was only 0.9% in 2001).

Good trade relations with China: Mexico is a member of the G20, NAFTA, APEC, the organization for economic cooperation and 
development, the organization of American States, the Rio Group, the Latin American community and other organizations and an 
observer of the non aligned movement. At present, it has diplomatic relations with 187 countries. China and Mexico established 
diplomatic relations on February 14, 1972. According to the statistics of the General Administration of Customs of China, the total 
trade volume between China and Mexico reached 24.69 billion US dollars in 2010, including 17.87 billion US dollars in exports and 
6.82 billion US dollars in imports, up 52.5%, 45.4% and 74.9% respectively year-on-year. China's main exports to Mexico include 
computer and communication technology products, clothing, electrical and electronic products, mechanical equipment, television, 
radio, wireless telecommunication equipment accessories, crude oil, etc.; from Mexico, China mainly imports computer and 
communication technology products, electronic technology products, automatic data processing equipment parts and accessories, 
integrated circuits and microelectronic components, automobile parts and accessories, etc. Mexico is China's second largest trading 
partner and third largest investor in Latin America. According to the statistics of the General Administration of customs, 
by the end of 2010, China had invested 500 million US dollars in Mexico, and the actual investment of Mexico in China was 
80 million US dollars.