Emitex Simatex Confemaq

Emitex  Simatex  Confemaq

Date: Apr. 21 - Apr. 23, 2020 (postponed, new date reminder)

Venue: Av. Costanera R. Obligado and J.Salguero, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The best suppliers in the textile and apparel industry gathered and held three exhibitions: Emitex Simatex Confemaq

Emitex is the first professional exhibition with textile as its theme in Argentina and one of the largest and most important
clothing and fabric exhibitions in South America.

Simatex is the first professional exhibition with textile machinery as the theme in Argentina, and one of the largest and most
important garment machinery exhibitions in South America.

Confemaq is the leading exhibition in the textile industry in Argentina and one of the largest and most important textile machinery
exhibitions in South America.

The exhibition ESC of textile machinery in Buenos Aires, Argentina is organized by Messe, Frankfurt, Germany Frankfurt held the
biennial exhibition, which is also a very important platform for enterprises to open the Argentine market. Last year, the exhibition
of textile machinery in Buenos Aires attracted 200 exhibitors, with a total of 28000 merchants. The exhibition was held in Costa
Salguero Exhibition Center, Costa Costa Costa Costa, Argentina The exhibition area is 2500 square meters.

Scope of exhibition:

Textile machinery and accessories: 

Automatic winding, recording and conveying system; auxiliary equipment; washing and Bleaching Machinery; additives and dyes;
round needle machine and needle machine; fabric processing machinery and accessories; roving machine and rope rolling machine;
wrapping machine, printing machine and combination machine; double twisting machine and crimping machine;
fiber and yarn horizontal knitting machine; horizontal machine needle and row needle; post-processing machinery;
flat bending knitting machine and conveying equipment; round flat type Knitting machine, flower decorating machine; steam machine,
heat transfer equipment; steaming, installation and wetting machine; detection and folding machine; knitting machine and accessories;
blanket, non woven mesh knitting machine; artificial fiber and silk processing machine;
air pressure device and air conditioning device; cotton yarn, wool and wool processing machine; spinning machine and accessories;
shedding machine and shedding device; regulating device and experimental device Preparation; cloth drying machine and dryer;
binding and binding machine; conveying, post-treatment, packaging equipment and sewing machinery; water spinning machine,
knitting machine and accessories; winding machine; yarn dyeing machinery and instruments; yarn processing machinery and accessories; automatic operating system, machinery and accessories