ASFW 2019

ASFW 2019
Date: Nov. 9 - Nov. 12, 2019
Venue: Millennium Hall Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Africa Sourcing and Fashion Week(ASFW) is going to once again showcase industry solutions for textiles and apparel, 
processing technology, household textiles and procurement.

Ethiopia's textile and garment industries are experiencing significant development. 
This is due to cheap, skilled and progressive labor. In the past few years, the country's remarkable economic growth 
has also contributed to the rapid development of the textile and garment industries. 
The extensive supply of cotton and other natural fibers, as well as the close links between Ethiopia and its local, 
interregional and international markets, make it possible for its huge export potential.

Textile machinery: other mechanical equipment, control and monitoring, purification and regeneration technology, 
                              CAD CAM software design, recycling technology, process accessories, experiments, measuring equipment, 
                              quality control, Nanotechnology.

Textile Processing: Manufacturing, Finishing, Textile Machinery, Coating Equipment, Film Coating Equipment, 
                               Adhesion and Separation Equipment, Processing, Cutting, Making and Finishing


Related Others: Microsystem Technology, Textile Nursing, Packaging Technology and Machinery, Processing Technology, 
                          Association, Logistics, Media, Information Technology, Research, Development, Planning, Consulting.